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Where to train

When choosing to start working out with a personal trainer, one of the most important variables will be deciding where to train - a studio, the gym or even at your home?

The decision on where to train will be determined by number of factors. With some trainers, there will be no choice as to where to train. Many are contracted to work at a particular gym or health club, and that is the only place that they will be able to work with you. As long as you're happy with the trainer and the facility, that's fine.

However, some people would prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home when working with a personal trainer. That will work fine if you have well-equipped home gym, or alternatively if you choose a trainer who is able to bring equipment to your house. However, in either circumstance it is likely that the range of equipment, and thus the range of activities available to you, will be more limited if you choose this option.

For those who work for a large organisation there may be the option of using a corporate facility. If this is something that is available to you, then it is also quite possible that your organisation will also provide personal trainers either free of charge or at a reduced cost.

Some organisations work with companies such as www.onelifestyle.co.uk.A onelifestyle personal trainer will provide a corporate wellness programme covering a range of services. They can manage a company gym, provide group sessions for employees, and also offer one-on-one personal training, massage, and health and fitness seminars.




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