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Suffering from a stroke can be a very life changing event because it can cause permanent damage if severe enough. Every year, more than 700 000 people suffer from a stroke in the United States.

While the majority of these instances are in people over the age of 65, being young definitely does not make you immune to it.Working with specialists can help from a stroke rehabilation point of view. Also more worrisome, African-Americans are at a much higher risk than others so if you are of this ethnicity, it is very important you know all the warning signs so you can get help should a case occur.

A stroke is comparable to a heart attack only instead of affecting the heart it affects the brain. It occurs when the blood flow is stopped because of being blocked by a blood clot. This causes the brain cells to immediately begin dying as they are deprived of the oxygen they need to function. If left to go on long enough this condition can be fatal.

The two main types of this condition are ischemic and hemorrhagic. The Ischemic type is caused by a blood clot that will block the main blood vessel that leads to the brain while a hemorrhagic is caused when that blood vessel breaks which then causes blood to bleed into the brain.

There are now medical advances that will allow you to deal with this condition with a good chance at recovering from it however you must get to the hospital within 60 minutes in order to be treated. This is really essential so it is extremely critical that first everyone learns the warning signs of this disorder and secondly that they have a plan in place in case they think they are suffering from one.

If not treated, this condition can result in mild to very severe disabilities including paralysis, problems thinking and speaking as well as a host of emotional struggles.




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