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Osteoporosis Exercise

Starting on some good osteoporosis exercise as soon as possible will help to ensure that you avoid this disease at all costs. Not only will an osteoporosis exercise plan help you reduce your weight, putting less stress on your joints creating fewer problems, but the activities you do perform will hopefully help to remodel your bones so they become stronger and more resistant to impact.

The most important factor to consider when choosing what type of osteoporosis exercise to perform is that it is weight bearing. Doing thirty minutes in an activity where you are sitting (say biking for example), will be beneficial in terms of fat loss however it will not help strengthen your bones.

Better choices would include running, sports such as basketball, soccer, football and hockey, or simply walking. You do need to take into consideration just how high the impact is however. While you definitely want it to be weight bearing, if you are already at risk for seeing signs of the disease, you likely do want to avoid high impact activities that have you landing full force on the ground (any movement where there is a great deal of jumping involved). Long distance or high frequency running may be another thing to be careful of as while running is great in moderation, too much could set you up for risk factors.

The next type of activity you should definitely consider if you want promote strong bones is resistance training . This is possibly the single most beneficial thing you can do with regards to preventing and treating this disease. Not only will your muscles grow stronger, thus they will better be able to handle stressors placed on the body but the stress will help the bones to remodel themselves, building back up stronger as well. Try and include the most compound movements as possible so you can reap the most benefits. This would include things such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses and lunges . If you are currently in good condition, you could also consider doing plyometric movements, as these will place more impact on the body thus the benefits may be more pronounced.

So make sure you start implementing a program into your lifestyle today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.




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