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Back Pain Exercise

Performing some back pain exercise is a great way to help overcome this injury and prevent it from taking place again.

There are a variety of different back pain exercise methods you can perform, from strength training to stretching to learning how to utilize the correct posture. It is best if you can adopt a well-rounded approach to your treatment protocol as that will likely be what offers you the most physical gains.

The strength training back pain exercise movements that you should complete are ones that help to make the latissimus muscle, the trapezoid muscle and the erector spinae muscles stronger. These are the predominant muscles in the back and the ones that will help to hold the spinal chord in place. Do movements such as bent over rows , deadlifts, pull-ups, lat pull downs, dumbell sholuder shrugs and laying extensions (supermans) as part of your regular workout.

On the flexibility side of things, it is always best to perform these movements after you are finished a workout when your muscles are already warmed up and there is less of a chance you will suffer injury. Do some side bends and then some gentle twisting movements so as to allow for an increased range of motion. You may want to lie flat on the floor, legs straight underneath you and then cross one over the body while both hands remain at the sides. While trying to keep both shoulders touching the ground you should start to feel a really great stretch along the same side that has the leg crossed over. Hold this position for thirty seconds and then release.

Lastly, work on some posture movements so you can get a better sense of how you need to be holding yourself. To do this, stand with your body against a wall and try and flex your abdominals so that there is no space between the wall and you. This tells you that you no longer have a swayed position and are in a much better alignment with regards to preventing problems from occurring. Really think about how you body feels when you are in this position and then try and recreate that feeling whenever you are walking around.

So be sure to perform all of these activities as part of your usual workout so you can avoid this injury in the future.




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