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Tibialis posterior syndrome advice

A tendon inflammation, Tibialis Posterior syndrome is a common running injury that can develop into Acquired Flat Foot if left untreated.

In Tibialis posterior syndrome, the tendon can become inflamed, partially torn or even ruptured, causing pain on the inside of the ankle. This will be precipitated by movement, especially moving the foot downwards (plantar flexion) or turning it inwards (inversion).

While it can on occasion be triggered by a direct blow to the inside of the ankle, it is most often an overuse injury with gradual onset.

Common symptoms of Tibialis Posterior syndrome include:

  • Pain and swelling on the inside of the ankle
  • Pain and discomfort when moving the foot down or inwards
  • Pain when walking on uneven surfaces
  • Progressive flattening of the arch

Treatment is conservative, and should begin with ice therapy to reduce the pain and swelling. Reducing mileage will also be necessary for a while, but if pain persists you should consult a sports injury expert.

A sports injury specialist will assess your mileage, gait, running shoes etc, and look to treatments such as shock absorbing insoles, orthotics to support the arch, or the use of Aircast AirLift to help correct flat feet and fallen arches.




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