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Muscle workout

By definition, a muscle workout is anything in which you move, but in workout terms it has come to mean those forms of exercise that specifically target increased strength or bulk.

Typically, this tends to be more a mens workout than a women's. So if we exclude those forms of exercise that primarily target cardiovascular improvement or flexibility, we find muscle workouts are those that are generically termed resistance training - strength and muscle building.

Resistance training includes a variety of different muscle workouts, and can be applied to all major muscle groups of the body.

Throughout thefitmap.co.uk we offer advice tips and free workouts, so after this article - why not search for exactly what you are looking for based on the following :

  • Free weights :

    The most effective form of muscle workout is undoubtedly weight training using free weights. Free weights include both dumbbells and barbells, and offer a huge variety of exercises to work the different muscle groups. The advantages include variety, and effectiveness. The negatives are that you need to learn excellent technique, you need access to a range of equipment, and it can be intimidating to neophytes

  • Weights machines :

    Often touted as superior to free weights, machines offer an interesting alternative, but are generally agreed to be inferior in terms of the workout they provide. They are, however, more user-friendly for beginners, and offer greater safety, as you can lift heavy weights without the need of a spotter.

  • Body weight :

    Ignored by many, body weight exercises such as push-ups, pulls-ups and squats can provide a great workout. They are excellent for home workouts, or as a way of working the major muscles when time is short.

  • Bands etc:

    There are various other forms of resistance training, such as therabands, all of which can add interesting variety to your program. They are limited in their effectiveness if they are your only form of strength training, however.

There are so many different ways to workout - remember not to forget that you shoud lseek professional advice if you are a first timer or are returning to the gym after a long period off.



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