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Wai Lana yoga mat

World famous yoga teacher Wai Lana's yoga mat is just one of the many products she offers for sale on her website.

One of the most famous teachers in the world today, Wai Lana's daily yoga TV shows are watched by millions of people on five continents, and have allowed her to launch a whole range of products including videos and DVDs for people of all levels, books, kids' products, recorded music and meditation albums.

Wai Lana's yoga mats are at the heart of her product range. The following are offered:

  • Enviromat: this is an eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and recyclable product that offers excellent traction for maximum safety in poses. It is health-friendly (free from latex, PVC, and chloride), with a soft surface and closed-cell cushioning for good support

  • Yogitoes skidless towel: This is designed to be laid over your regular mat, to prevent slipping while practicing floor exercises.

    It has an exceptionally grippy, non-slip surface, especially helpful in poses such as the Summit Pose where your hands and feet can tend to slip.

  • Extra thick yoga and Pilates mat: These are twice the thickness of regular mats, offering greater comfort.

    The sticky yet smooth surface prevents slipping and provides support and stability in all poses.
The extra thick mats come in a range of styles including tropical hibiscus, urban, lotus flower, and island palm. For beginners, or those wanting to work out at home, there is also a Yoga For You DVD and mat combo.




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