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The term holistic therapy is a term that covers an incredibly wide range of treatments, massages and therapies. Holistic therapy in essence, shares a basic philosophy of treating the mind, body and spirit as one entity as opposed to just concentrating on specific parts of your physical being as is generally practiced in traditional Western medicine.

With holistic therapy, sometimes know as complementary or holistic medicine, there is an emphasis on using natural methods to restore the body's balance and improving overall well being. Rather than pump you full of chemicals, holistic therapists aim to use what exists in nature to help you build up your defense systems and your own ability to self heal.

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Complementary therapies can include taking extracts from plants and utilizing natural essences as with homeopathy. Or essential oils and scents are used in aromatherapy based on the idea that our sense of smell as a powerful impact on our mental and physical health. Colour therapy uses light and the different properties of colour for healing and psychological change. Hypnotherapy puts you in touch with your subconscious while meditation is spiritual relaxation for the mind. Reiki is another very popular form of spiritual healing whereas acupuncture and kinesiology uses physical pressure to unblock energy flow.

The list of possibilities goes on but many draw on ancient Chinese or Japanese spiritual beliefs about the connections between the physical, mental and spiritual forms of our existence. There is an emphasis on improving overall health as well as preventing future illness. All aspects of your life are taken into consideration including lifestyle, diet, habits, and the impact of psychological and emotional stress. The underlying idea being that our mind has an influence on our body and vice versa




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