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Yoga mat bag

If you take classes outside the home, a yoga mat bag is essential. It can also come in handy for storage at home.

Whether you practice at home or head outside to take a class, this is a great activity, and a mat is essential for safe, comfortable workouts.

The non-slip surface allows you to move freely between poses without any fear of slipping, while the extra cushioning helps you relax into the poses. Yoga mat bags come in an assortment of colours, and are available to fit all standard mat sizes. Most good suppliers of yoga accessories offer a selection, with the variations mostly in style and colour.

You should look for one with a shoulder strap - this makes is much more comfortable for carrying in and out of class - and a pocket on the outside for your gym membership card or keys.

Typical materials are a cotton/nylon mix, and the better made ones are water resistant and washable. There are some really fun looking ones available, with embroidered Asanas or coloured bands to brighten them up.

If you prefer to use a thin travel mat, you will find simple bands available that will hold your mat in place when it is rolled up.




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