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Yoga clothing

When shopping for yoga clothing, comfort should be your number one consideration.

It's essential to find items that allow you to relax into the poses, and move freely. This means yoga clothing should be:

  • Made from soft, comfortable materials
  • Stretchy
  • Non-binding
  • No zips and buckles to dig into you
  • Flat seams
Most web sites that sell yoga clothing offer a range of T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, vests and comfortable shorts, trousers and leggings that allow you unrestricted movement.

Fabrics are typically either cotton, or a cotton/nylon mix. Colours are typically neutral, earthy tones or soft colours for women, with prints and appliqu?s in a variety of themes such as Asana logos, or yin and yang.

With the theme of inner harmony in mind, many retailers are now offering products made from hemp, organic cotton, or fair trade ethical cotton goods.

Brand names include Asquith, Marika, Chakra, Shiva-Shakti, OMGirl, and Prana - some even offer itmes designed for your toddler or children to practice alongside you!

Whatever you choose, be sure it is comfortable and allows unrestricted movement, so that you can forget about what you're wearing and focus all your attention on the activity.




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