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Overcoming depression

Looking for things you can do on a daily basis to overcome depression? Overcoming depression is paramount to your personal happiness and the overall quality of your life, so it makes sense that it should be your top priority! Many people feel that overcoming depression is a monumental task and that it can only be accomplished through medication and therapy. While this is often true, there are also small things you can do on a daily basis to aid your recovery and help you overcome depression for good.

The first thing you can do to overcome depression is something called Brainswitching - sounds complicated, but it couldn't be simpler. The feelings that get you down naturally come from the part of the brain that is engaged in emotions - and if you can switch your brain activity from this side to the more analytical side, you can help alleviate mood swings. The practical things you can do to make this happen? Play board games, do crosswords, or learn a new language.

The next thing you can do is up your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids. This acids help nerve cells communicate with each other to promote mental health. You can find them in oily fish such as tuna or salmon, or in capsule form.

Get more sleep. It sounds almost too simple, but it's true that if we're not getting adequate sleep, our ability to see the bigger picture and disengage from over-emotionalizing is lessened.

Exercise more! Exercising releases feel good endorphins in the brain - it's like natural antidepressant medication - and you get fit at the same time!

Lastly - have an active social life. Even if you don't feel like it, get out there and be social. Being with your friends and family can make you feel good about yourself and help to put things in perspective.



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