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How do you go about finding a reflexologist and reflexology professionals in the UK? This form of complementary medicine can provide relief from a variety of symptoms and problems, and is growing in popularity in the UK.

As with any form of practitioner, finding a reflexologist can be approached in different ways. The simplest, and often best way of finding a reflexologist, is to get a recommendation from a friend or colleague.

If someone you know has received treatment, found it helpful, and likes their therapist, then you have a big head start. Don't be afraid to ask around among your circle of acquaintances.

Alternative methods are the old stand-bys - call directory enquiries or check the yellow pages. Tracking down someone who is local to you will obviously make things easier, but the quality of the practitioner you find is the most important factor.

How can you tell if you've never met someone? The first step is to check their qualifications. Qualified practitioners should have the letters MAR after their name - this stands for Member of the Association of Reflexologists.

Someone with the letters MAR will have been trained to standards agreed by the AoR (the Association of Reflexology). This is crucial, as there are a range of different qualifications available, with varying standards, including distance learning courses where trainees get no hands on practice.

The AoR does not recognise these types of course, so their recognition of a practitioner ensures that you get a trained, skilled therapist.




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