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benefits of acupuncture?

While principally considered a form of pain relief,there are a number of benefits of acupuncture which can be used by specialists to treat a wide range of conditions including weight loss. Such benefits of acupuncture can include respiratory conditions such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis or even the common cold.

It has the greatest impact on the systems of the body including respiratory, reproductive, urinary and digestive. Asthma sufferers have found benefits of acupuncture which can be very effective. Intestinal disorders as well as eye and dental problems, including postoperative pain, can also be eased.

Acupuncture can help with migraines or chronic headaches. It is used with psychosomatic disorders such as insomnia, depression, fatigue or irritable bowl syndrome. Other bowel or bladder troubles, including mild incontinence, can be dealt with. Allergies and skin disorders can be cleared up. Women's problems, such as PMS or menopausal difficulties, are often treated in this way. It's also used to tackle smoking or eating disorders as well as alcoholism and other forms of addiction.

Lower back pain, tennis elbow and osteoarthritis are among the many physical sources of discomfort that can be treated. This form of therapy is considered particularly effective against chronic pain such as that caused by athletic injuries or arthritis. Back, shoulder, neck and leg pain are among the most common complaints tackled. Also trapped nerves, chronic muscle strain, and rheumatism have been known to respond well. Traditionally, it has been used as an anaesthetic for surgery as well as for postoperative pain relief. It can help to prevent diseases and keep the body's energy flowing. Overall, it treats your body as a whole and new benefits of this form of treatment are still being discovered.




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