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Reflexology techniques

What different reflexology techniques will a therapist use when treating a patient? This is a skilled profession, with therapists undergoing extensive hands-on training to learn which reflexology treatments are appropriate for different problems.

Reflexology techniques each have their own distinctive names - we'll look at three - Effleurage, Thumb Walking, and Friction Circles.

  • Effleurage: This is a gentle stroking movement that therapists use to warm up the foot and prepare the client for the treatment. Oil may be used, and the gentle strokes will warm the foot and relax the client. It can also be used at various times during the session, and at the end of the treatment.

  • Thumb Walking: Also known as the Caterpillar Walk, this is the basic method that will be used throughout the treatment and it allows the therapist to manipulate the different body areas.

  • Friction Circles: Another warm up movement, this involves the finger tips describing small circular movements on the top of the foot while the thumbs are on the soles of the feet.

As with any skill, part of the job of the therapist is knowing which of these different choices to use when. A skilled therapist will use a variety of different skills at different times in the session to help achieve the maximum benefits for the client.




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