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Reflexology training

If you are considering reflexology training, there are various options available to you. This is a difficult skill to learn, requiring not just the theoretical knowledge, but also the ability to precisely locate the thousands of different areas on a patient's feet that relate to different parts of the body in order to achieve the right results.

Thus reflexology training must combine both the theoretical and practical applications of the subject - you cannot get this from books and videos.

For those who simply want to know more about this fascinating form of treatment, and maybe try a little bit on themselves, there are short introductory, or taster courses. These will explain the basics to you, and show you some basic techniques.

However, if you want to pursue this as a career, you will have to commit to a much more extensive training process. As with any profession, there are recognized courses and qualifications, without which you cannot get a job or set up in professional practice.

This is a popular field with people looking for a change of profession, or with health professionals seeking a new field to add to their skills, or a change in direction.

To be able to practice, you will need to find a course that leads to a Diploma, such as those that offer ITEC qualifications. This will make you eligible to join the Association of Reflexologists as a full member - this is essential for work in the NHS and professional liability insurance.




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