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Reflexology treatments

If you've never experienced it, reflexology treatments will seem a little strange. However, thousands of people every week find reflexology treatments very effective for a range of health problems - let's see what's involved.

Reflexology treatments typically last around an hour. Your first session will start with the therapist taking your case history. You will then be asked to remove your shoes and socks and sit on the treatment couch.

The therapist will examine your feet, looking for any sores or corns - these areas will be too sensitive to be treated.

The actual process can be quite relaxing. The therapist will firmly massage your feet, seeking out the precise pressure points that relate to the different areas of your body.

It is quite likely that the therapist will find some very sensitive areas in this first session, indicative of areas in the body that need treatment.

In addition, this first session can sometimes produce quite dramatic results and changes in your body - this can involve very noticeable things like increased bowel movements, cold-type symptoms, even skin problems.

This is actually a good sign, evidence that the therapist has found problem areas - the body is then releasing toxins into your system to be disposed of.

Subsequent sessions will allow the therapist to focus in on different areas, gradually bringing your body to the point where it is better able to care for itself.




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