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Beginners Guide

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So you've decided to get fit? Then our beginners guide to joining a gym will be right up your street. When you first decide to join that health club, gym or leisure centre, it's essential that you have a good checklist to work from.

You need to find out what is on offer, and ask the right questions. First on your beginners guide to joining a gym checklist should be, what facilities they have? If you are going in person, this gives you a chance to look around and evaluate the knowledge of the staff. While you're there, ask for a day pass or for a trial membership, that way you can see if the ambience suits you, if the staff is attentive to your needs, and how crowded it gets. If you call clubs, you can sometimes get a free trial offer as well.

When you are visiting, steer clear of glittering "sign-up now" offers - many people join a health club in haste, with the best of intentions, but wind up unhappy and dissatisfied. A club that requires immediate commitment is probably counting more on contractual obligations than customer satisfaction to keep you there.

On the following pages we give you checklists to print off with questions that relate to your needs for a gym membership

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