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Health club etiquette

We've all been there - health club etiquette - we've experienced it at some time or another when someone who doesn't seem to know the rules, butts in and bugs us. Of course, it may be because they don't care, but at other times it can be because they simply don't know the proper health club etiquette. Follow this easy guide and you'll never have to wonder if you are violating health club etiquette.

The do's and don'ts of health club etiquette are actually quite simple, but knowing them will help you, and those around you, enjoy the gym better.


  • Learn the specific rules that govern your gym or health club, and practice them.
  • Replace weights/re-set equipment after use.
  • Learn to let others 'Work-In' - Working-in is when two people share the same piece of gym equipment. Usually one uses it while the other is on a rest period or using a different piece - maybe a person who is circuit-training is moving from one piece of equipment to the next as quickly as possible to maximize cardiovascular training. If you want to work-in or circuit-train, be polite and ask ahead. Likewise, if someone asks you, don't refuse.
  • Wipe your sweat from equipment after use.
  • Ask for assistance from an instructor.
  • Wear training shoes.
  • Always wear clean fresh workout clothes.
  • Take a shower after training.
  • Talk to other members. They won't bite.
  • Sign up for the use of cardiovascular equipment (such as treadmills and stair-climbing machines) well in advance. During peak hours, schedules are often posted with 15- to 20-minute intervals.


  • Use some else's weights / machine etc without asking first.
  • Wear smelly trainers or clothes!
  • Ignore signs displayed in health clubs.
  • Use your mobile phone in the gym.
  • Be a slob in the locker room - pick up your towels, etc.




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