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Key questions to ask gyms

So if you have located where your nearest gyms are, then you need to ask the right questions of the gyms in order to really compare them and ensure they are right for you. So ask questions about facilities based on your needs and wishes. This will be the crux of your decision over which club to join, but please also trust your gut feel to some extent - if something's not right then don't join.

Ask about the membership package :

  1. How much is it to join?
  2. Is there a a joining fee?
  3. What comes with the basic membership cost?
  4. How many current members are there?
  5. Do you offer a trial period to try out the facilities?
  6. Is there free car parking?
  7. What times do you open?

Personal trainers, Gym instructors & advice

  1. Are there professionally qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers?
  2. Do you get professional advice on using the equipment when joining?
  3. Do you get a free personal health & fitness check up when you join?
  4. Are there annual or 6 monthly reviews of your programme and fitness?
  5. Do you get any free personal trainer sessions?
  6. What qualifications do instructors possess?

Additional questions

  1. What fitness classes do you run?
  2. When are these run and are they always full?
  3. Do you have a sprung aerobics studio floor?
  4. Do you have air conditioning?
  5. Is there a separate ladies gym?
  6. What changing facilities are there?

Make sure you are shown around the gym. When you do, make sure you check out the changing rooms - believe it or not this is one of the easiest ways to workout whether they are have attention to detail and are the sort of club you want to pay money to.




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