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Pregnancy exercise

Find out more about pregnancy exercise as a great way to ensure you maintain strength and fitness during this landmark event. You can then continue post natal - depending on whether natural or caesarian. One key question that is always asked is whether pregnancy exercise is advisable and how can I workout safely?

The short answer is that yes, pregnancy exercise is perfectly fine - provided non-contact!!! A woman can, and should, exercise both pre and post natal. However, it must be done according to certain guidelines.

To expect to suddenly become an expert on pre and post natal exercise, at the same time you are dealing with all the other changes in your life, is too much to ask. The answer is to find a trainer who is an expert in pregnancy exercise and post natal fitness.

If they are going to advise pregnant women, it is essential that exercise teachers, fitness instructors and personal trainers have a clear understanding of the physiological effects that pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby can have upon a woman.

One form of exercise that is becoming increasingly popular with pregnant women is Pilates. Pilates is very helpful in aiding postural control and good alignment, but teachers need to understand how to apply it to pregnant women and new mothers in order for them to realise the full benefits.

In the UK we are fortunate to have an organisation called the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors, who work to promote the teaching of specialised exercise courses for mothers during the childbearing years, and to offer support and training to exercise instructors. Finding an instructor who has been trained by the Guild will guarantee that you are receiving the best possible care when you exercise.




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