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Weight training bench

A quality weight training bench is an essential piece of equipment for any gym or health club. With a good weight training bench you can perform a whole variety of exercises designed to build muscle and tone your body - from abs to chest to legs, you can work them all safely and effectively.


A weight training bench can be used with dumbbells of barbells, or for a range of body weight exercises such as crunches.

For a club owner, this is one time where is really pays to buy quality. A weight training bench that is too narrow or insufficiently padded will be painful and unsafe for heavy lifting, and ultimately cause customers to complain, or even quit.

In addition to buying one which is well padded and sufficient for the weight needs of your clients, you should consider the following:

  • Crutches: Crutches are the two supports that hold the weight bar. Many have adjustable crutches, which is essential for customers who want to use an incline feature (see below). It is also important if it's to be used for standing exercises such as squats. As a general rule, wider crutches can handle more weight.

  • Incline: These can adjust to create an incline or decline allow a greater range of exercises. This feature is pretty much essential on at least one in your club.

  • Arm and leg attachments: these add-ons allow clients to perform a wider range of exercise, such as preacher curls. They are a good investment, offering more variety for a small extra investment.





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