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When you're buying commercial fitness equipment, it's essential to know your market. With the cost of fitting even a small gym running in excess of ?50,000, it's all too easy to make expensive mistakes.


Commercial fitness equipment is quite different from that made for the home market. Typically it will be larger, far more durable, and should be equipped with all the bells and whistles - customers expect top of the range gear when they've shelled out good money to use it.

Other considerations enter the equation with commercial fitness equipment. Because of the massively increased usage, breakdowns are inevitable. That's where the quality of the service and support are crucial. Simply getting a good deal on the purchase price isn't enough if every time there's a problem you have to wait a week before a technician even steps foot in the gym.

Levels of service will usually be reflected in the price - a basic service package will soon having you paying by the hour every time you need help.

One option that many private club owners consider is buying remanufactured or refurbished machines. If they have been fully remanufactured (that is taken apart, all worn parts replace, paint re-sprayed etc), they can be close to the quality of brand new, but at a considerable saving.





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