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Eliptical cross trainer

For a great low-impact workout an elliptical cross trainer is hard to beat. They work both the lower and upper body in a smooth non-jarring workout.


This combined motion quickly elevates your heart rate and conditions all areas of your body.


When looking to buy an elliptical cross trainer, look for the following features:

  • Stride Length: A stride length of 16"-19" is recommended for a good, comfortable workout. `Too short a stride is uncomfortable and will discourage customers.

  • Dual direction: An elliptical cross trainer lets you move both forward and backwards, thus working all your leg muscles.

  • Dual action: A machine with movable handlebars to work your upper body provides an excellent all-around workout and is thus much more effective.

  • Safety: Non-slip foot pedals are essential.

  • Display: A clear display panel should show speed, time, and how far you've travelled. Other options include a built-in heart rate monitor to allow people to better measure their workouts.
These are expensive machines, but one option worth considering is to buy a used model. You will find both refurbished and remanufactured machines for sale, so it's good to know the difference between the two.

Machines less than 2 years old are typically refurbished. They will be cleaned, and any broken components replaced. They will therefore look somewhat used.

Remanufactured model are a bit older, but will have been completely disassembled, any worn or broken parts replaced, and finally the metal work will have been sandblasted and repainted. Both options will offer a limited warranty.

Whichever you look at, it is essential that you test out any equipment, vary the speed, and keeping it running long enough for any potential problems to show up.





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