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Guide to buying fitness equipment

It's an old cliche, but sometimes it's best to be wise before an event. Our guides to buying fitness equipment should ensure you don't waste money, nor end up with a white elephant in your garage.

If you read our guides to buying fitness equipment, you will see that if it isn't what you need, then it is likely not to be used all.

We have broken down our guides into both type of fitness as well as type of equipment. That way you should be able to find exactly what you need. However, below we also included some very high level thoughts for you to ponder on :

  • Specifications :

    the difference between a top end model and a more basic one is usually reflected in two main areas - electronic bells and whistles, and durability. When looking at the bells and whistles you have to consider just how much you'll use them, or whether they'll make a big difference to how often you'll use the item. Durability will depend on your size and weight, and how frequently you anticipate working out.

  • Size :

    models can vary greatly in size. It's vital to be sure that anything you purchase will not only fit in the space available, but will be usable.

  • New or used :

    This is a simple trade off between price and peace of mind. When you purchase new you get a proper warranty, and full customer support. Used items can offer either a more limited warranty (remanufactured/refurbished), or no warranty at all if you buy used from a private individual. The risk is greater, but the savings can be huge.
Whichever route you choose, it's essential to test anything first - the longer your test, the more closely it mimics a real workout, the better the chance you have of figuring out if this is exactly what you want for your workouts.




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