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Hair style for square faces

With strong jawlines your hair style for square faces will also need to have strong, equally square hair lines. Hair styles for square faces should make men look powerful and determined, on women, refined and commanding.

Square faces tend to give the impression of confidence, power and intelligence. Just take a look at celebrities like Kristin Scott Thomas, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore and Isabella Rosellini! All thought of as being strong, beautiful women with a great hair style for a square face.

If you've got a square face, you want to pick a haircut that will soften you angular look. Short or medium hair tends to work best, especially if it's got a bit of wave to it.

If you decide to go short, find a style that not cropped too close to your head. Go for a softer, layered look with a wispy fringe. If you go for a bob, make sure it ends above the jaw line. Slightly curly hair that adds a bit of height can be a good idea too. If your hair's not naturally curly, you may want to consider getting a permanent.

Mid length hair is also a winner if you do it layered and wavy. Again, curls can look great at this length too. Try to avoid a mid-length style that's cut bluntly across, especially if you have naturally pin-straight hair, as this can accentuate the sharpness of your jaw.

Long hair should be avoided unless you're going soft and curly with it. Say a definite no to straight, chopped fringes or centre partings.

When you're styling, work to achieve some roundness to the shape of your cut. Use a diffuser when you blow dry to create some soft volume if you don't have it naturally. If you can also bring a little bit of height to the crown or fringe, you're onto a winner.



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