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Hair care tips & styling tips

Looking for the secrets to shiny, beautiful hair? Our hair care tips and additional stylgin tips show that good hair care is actually surprisingly easy. There are lots of hair care tips that can help you on your way to gorgeous hair. These styling tips are backed up by hair care professionals in salons everywhere.

A little education from the trade (and using their hair care tips) can help you keep healthy, salon looking locks everyday! Read on for hair care tips and tricks that can make the difference between lank locks and shining tresses!

  • While regular brushing is good for hair because it works natural oils down the hair strand, the old '100 strokes' idea is overkill. 30 strokes is plenty
  • To avoid stripping hair of it's natural oils, wash your hair with mild shampoos. Use only as much as you need to get a good lather going. After you rinse, make sure to lock moisture in by using a good conditioner
  • Don't brush wet hair! This causes the strands to stretch and weaken, and eventually leads to breakage. Instead, finger dry your hair, or use a wide toothed comb to carefully untangle it.
  • If you use a blow-dryer on your hair, make sure to point the stream of hot air down the hair shaft towards the roots. This keeps the hair cuticle smooth and reduces lost moisture, which can lead to breakage
  • Trim your hair every six to seven weeks. This keeps hair healthy and strong right to the tips. Believe it or not, you should cut your hair every six to seven weeks even if you are trying to grow it!
  • Use products that contain a form of sun block. Hair suffers in the same way the skin does from over exposure to the sun's harmful rays.



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