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Choosing a perfume scent

Every male or woman knows that an evocative perfume scent is as essential an accessory as a great pair of shoes or a well chosen piece of jewelry.

You want your perfume scent to reflect your personality, and work with your unique chemistry so that it smells great on you, not just in the bottle.

But with so many fragrancies on the market and new perfume fragrance being introduced practically daily, how do you go about finding a perfume scent that's right for you?

If you're just starting your search for the perfect scent, the first thing you want to do is familiarize yourself with the general perfume categories on the market.

These base categories include:

  • Floral - which uses flower scents
  • Green - which smells of the outdoors in a youthful, energetic way
  • Oceanic - which uses artificial enhancers to recreate the tangy-clean smell of the ocean
  • Woody - which evokes a mossy woodland in a rich and musky way
  • Fruity - which smells sweetly of a variety of fruit combinations
  • Oriental - which recollect the sexy intensity of the far east with scents of vanilla, musk and spices.

The kind of scent you choose is very important because the different categories have very different 'personalities' attached to them. For example - Green and Fruity are youthful scents, suitable for younger women; Oceanic and Woody are more mature, clean scents suitable for day wear in a business environment; Floral is timeless and romantic; and Oriental is sexy and intense in a way that's best suited to evening wear in women from the late 20's onwards.

Once you have decided what category you're looking for, make a visit to a perfume counter at a shopping centre or cosmetics store and enlist the help of one of the experienced sales people. The best place to spray it is on the inside of the wrist where it's warm and will be quickly assimilated into your personal scent. Don't test more than two scents per trip (you've only got two wrists) and remember - trial and error is the best way to find what you're looking for. A beautiful scent is worth waiting for!



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