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Hair treatments

Everyone's hair type is different. And so hair care treatments are also different! With different types of DIY treatments available as well as more drastic measures, whatever your colour, thickness or manageability, you can be assured there's a hair care treatment for you.

This also means that everybody has different concerns and problems when it comes to their hair. That's why it's important to have a wide range of hair care treatments available both DIY and slaon based. You can get hair treatments at your local salon to combat most problems, and your hairdresser can also usually give you advice about how to deal with these issues on a daily basis.

Conversely, drug stores and beauty outlets provide a range of commercial and natural organic treatments geared to combat the most common complaints. Read on to find out which treatments are perfect for you - the most common kinds available are aimed at a couple of standard complaints. These are:


This complaint is most common among people with curls or waves. The make up of the curly cuticle is not as proficient at holding on to moisture. This can lead to splitage and breakage. To combat this problem, regular moisture masks, hot oil serums and conditioners should be applied. This is particularly important for people who use heating appliances like the blow-dryer or curling iron.


This complaint is found most often among people who suffer from oily skin, meaning their glands produce more oil than is needed to keep the body moist. To combat this, there are many types of products and shampoos that have special detergents designed to strip excess oil from the scalp and individual strands.

Dry Skin

This complaint is caused by inactive oil glands in the skin and scalp. Pores become blocked by slow flowing oil. Dandruff may result. People with this complaint need to use shampoos and masks geared to moisturizing the scalp. Steam procedures are also useful.

Other difficult hair conditions which require special attention include people with particularly fine, thick, or course strands. With a little research, these problems are usually very resolvable. Read on for more information on these complaints and how to combat them!



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