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Hairstyles for heart shaped faces

Also known as a pixie face shape, finding hairstyles for heart shaped faces means you must consider the face shape and allow for the face being wide at the temples and hairline, and often have elegant cheekbones, narrowing to a small, delicate chin.

If your already sporting hairstyles for heart shaped faces, you're in good company, as there are a bevy of celebrity beauties who share your look, including Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Claudia Schiffer, Juliette Binoche, Lisa Kudrow and Naomi Cambell.

So what hairstyles for a heart shaped face will flatter? Wear your hair chin-length or longer to balance out your face by adding weight around your delicate chin. A side part does lots of favours for a heart shaped face by creating a slight asymmetry to what is a rather symmetrical face shape. Try swept forward layers around the upper face, and in particular, give a fringe a whirl! You look terrific in chin length bob, which curls around that feminine chin of yours and gives it a bit more substance.

Short hair can work on you too, but be sure if you go this root that you choose a style that leaves some length and weight in the nape area. Short styles that have lots of body at the crown and emphasis the upper part of the face are a big no-no, as they will throw you out of balance. Too much height on top can make your chin look long and pointy! Remember, if you've got this face shape, your top priority should be to pick a cut that emphasises your terrific cheekbones!



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