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Round face hairstyles for round faces

Do you have a round face? Did you know that hairstyles for round faces need to allow for full-cheeked and circular faces. Think Cameron Diaz here...

The widest point on a round face is the cheeks or ears. So successful hairstyles for round faces need to ensure that the look still maintains a sweet or innocent look about them.

It's no coincidence that actresses or performers with round faces tend to be the darlings of the public! Some famous and endearing people that have created great hairstyles for round faces include Kate Winslet, Ingrid Bergman, Drew Barrymore, Christina Ricci and Charlotte Church.

If you've got a round face, then choose styles that off-set or interrupt the shape of your face. Try styles that build height on top of the head and also try straight hair (if you're curly) as this also gives the impression of height to a face. This serves to make your whole head look longer and offsets the width of your face. Side parts are also a great idea.

You can wear short styles provided that the hair sweeps back from you face, but avoid super short cuts or cuts with heavy, straight chopped fringes. Steer especially clear of short, twenties-style bobs that end at the chin, as they'll make your face look more circular.

Steer clear of mid-length hair cuts unless your hair is very straight. If your hair has curl, it's better to keep it shorter or else to grow it longer until it stops below the shoulders. Curly, mid-length hair on this face type will only add width where you don't want it.

Long hair looks great on people with this face type, particularly if it's quite long and straight. The length of the hair will balance out the compactness of your face, making it seem longer. But go for a side parting rather than a centre one.



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