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Hair styles for oval faces

Probably the most versatile shape, hair styles for oval faces have to allow for a slightly narrower jaw line than at the temples and usually have a gently rounded hairline. When matching hair styles for oval faces, you really don't realise how lucky you are!

Hair styles for oval faces are frequently seen in the pages of magazines with such famous people as:- Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Uma Thurman - so congratulations! If you've got an Oval face, you can wear most styles and lengths beautifully. Feel free to experiment.

You can carry off most short styles and in fact are one of the few face shapes that are well suited to slicked-back hair. Try it buzzed, or short and spiky; soft, short Marilyn Monroe curls will suit, as will a pixie cut or a soft, feathered look.

Medium lengths look just as good on you, provided they're not accompanied with heavy fringes. Go for a side or centre part, a neat bob, or gentle waves to your shoulders. Super straight or spiral curls work as well.

Long looks are classic and feminine. Just make sure that your hair's not hanging in your face. Go for a sexy side part, or part your hair in the centre for a hippie look. You can wear it straight or curly, and can even grow it super long, to your waist.

Your face is "symmetrical", or naturally balanced and in proportion. This means your features are probably evenly distributed as well. People with this face shape are most often classed as classically beautiful. This means that your hairstyle doesn't need to compensate for facial imbalances, and so should generally be worn off the face. Too much hair on the face, cheeks or forehead can mean that you'll loose your face shape, or distort it. Steer clear of heavy fringes!



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