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Spa hotel

Have you considered a spa hotel? If you're looking for a luxury break, a day spa or luxury spa hotels could be just the ticket. Whether for a day, a weekend or an extended holiday, take time to compare a number of spa hotel destinations.

At a spa hotel, you can partake in a facial and steam or work out in the gym before heading to the in house restaurant for an elegant dinner followed by champagne or cocktails at the spa hotel bar.

Depending on your spa hotels location, you may want to venture out and see a show or concert and finish off the evening with a relaxing dip in the sauna.

If you are interested in beauty treatments, there's no need to worry about age limits as you sometimes do in stricter facilities. The only drawback is that there are often less treatments available as it is not a facility dedicated to that. However, if your main goal is to combaine treatments with a range of holiday activity, then you'll be sure to have what you are looking for.

What's the difference between this and a Health Spa or Health Farm?

When you head down to this luxury facility, it's basically a regular hotel with treatments that are available to guests for a range of additional fees. This is ideal for those people who want to luxuriate in an indulgent holiday but don't want the serious focus or seclusion of more dedicated facilities. As it is part of a public venue shared with guests who may not be indulging in these treatments, guests are discouraged from walking around in their robes or gym clothes like you would at a health farm. However, the benefits of going here over other facilities is that there are no restrictions placed on drinking or eating and guests can leave the premises when they wish, to come and go as they please.

Overall, your experience in this facility is more flexible and is great match for families and individuals that are looking to get away with a holiday package with that little bit extra.



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