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A skin condition, Rosacea is a disorder that causes the face to become red and inflamed (it looks like you are flushed). This may also lead to red spots and pimples and spidery blood vessels across your nose and cheeks.

In its advanced stages, Rosacea results in a skin condition condition called Rhinophyma, where the nose becomes swollen and bright red, and can become covered in excess tissue. Some Rosacea sufferers also experience eye problems, such as redness, burning and tearing, as well as swollen eyelids and blurred vision.

An early sign of Rosacea is often a redness or blush of the skin of the face, not unlike a sunburn, which doesn't go away. Rosacea is often misdiagnosed as a strong case of acne. In about 20% of cases, trouble with an individual's eyes occurs before the effects of the Rosacea is visible on the skin of the face.

The condition is more common in women than in men, but it is often more severe for male sufferers. It is also most common in people with fair skin, or who have a tendency to blush easily. It is a life-long condition with no known cure. With early diagnosis and proper treatment, people suffering from the illness have a good chance of living a relatively normal life.



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