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Skin care for men

Most blokes are now full aware of skin care for men and what the benefits are. Male grooming is now the 90's man and beyond and looking after yourself is seen to be essential.

Whether it's promotion at work or getting a hot date, skin care for men is increasingly common as men live in an era where their appearance is crucial. As a result, there is a greater emphasis on male grooming products and skin care in general.

The male grooming market has rapidly become a multi-million pound industry, fueled by baby boomers entering middle age and younger men simply wanting to look their best. Twenty years ago, male grooming meant a monthly visit to the corner barbershop and a splash of Brut. So what areas are there that men are paying close attention to?

The most important part of your appearance is your hair. It's the first and most obvious expression of your personal style. While there is a difference in price if you visit a high-quality hair salon, in return you should get a good stylist who understands what you are all about before picking up the scissors. For men who are losing their hair, the best bet is to opt for a modern short haircut - the comb-over just dates you.

Other issues for men include colouring, whether for fashion or to cover up grey hair - getting rid of gray hair is the quickest way to drop years off your appearance. If it is your beard and moustache that have turned gray first, there are brush-in formulas perfect for covering facial hair.

Moisturising is another area where men are starting to catch on - being masculine doesn't mean having a dry face. Hydrated skin looks smoother, facial lines are less noticeable, and you will look less tired.

Other areas worth paying attention to are shaving - modern wet razors and shaving gels are a world away from your dad's old razor - cologne (there is life after you grow out of Lynx) and manicures.

The bottom line is that it's neither affected nor conceited to care about your appearance. Feeling good about yourself breeds confidence that inspires respect in other people - who wouldn't want that?



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