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Sensitive skin care

Whether you have oily, dry or normal skin, the right sensitive skin care products are essential to prevent irritation or changes in your 'skin balance'.

Sensitive skin can be found on people who already come from the dry, normal and oily groups. What sets it apart is that whether your regular type be dry or normal, or oily, it is very delicate and easily irritated. Any number of irritants can cause sensitive skin to break out in rashes or red patches, become inflamed or itchy, or even be quite painful.

Because it's our body's largest sensory organ, whether we have sensitive skin or not, we're built to react to stimuli in our tactile environment. With people who have sensitive skin, their organ is simply more finely tuned and reacts in a bigger way. People with this type usually have to be careful about the environments they expose themselves to.

Too much exposure to extreme temperatures, sun exposure, or rough elements such as sea water can provoke reactions. The body's surface is easily damaged and requires a lot of special care. People with this type or grouping should be careful about using cosmetics, creams or lotions that contain alcohol, fragrances, any synthetically manufactured oil products, and artificial colours.

In some cases, people of this type have allergies to various substances, and the reaction to those substances is what creates redness and inflammation on the body. In these cases, this condition is actually caused by the body's immune system becoming confused and attacking non-harmful substances as though they were harmful.

This grouping can be difficult to handle, but the more you understand about how your body works, the better able you'll be to stay away from things that are harmful to you!



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