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To understand Kinesiology, it involves analysing your muscles to determine imbalances within your body. By checking muscle response, therapists are able to identify potential physical or emotional problems.

If a muscle has a poor response, this may indicate a physical or psychological difficulty that may effect your whole being. Kinesiology then uses different methods such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and manipulation of your muscles to help your body self heal and restore your natural balance. Advice on diet may also be given. Another name for kinesiology is the science of movement.

What are the benefits?
As a holistic therapy, this approach is intended to address your body, mind and spirit as a whole. The treatment is deeply relaxing and very useful for reducing stress levels. Based on traditional Chinese medical beliefs, practitioners hold that good physical and emotional health is dependent on the flow of life energy around the body.

This energy however may become blocked or stagnated causing physical discomfort and mental or emotional tension. This therapy helps to restore the correct flow thus easing physical pain and psychological suffering. It can boost your natural immune system and reenergize your being. By focussing on the muscles, this form of therapy is thought to be useful for reaching deep seated problems.

It can be effective in dealing with allergies and phobias as well as helping to heal physical and emotional trauma. It can give you a better understanding of how your body works and the best ways to reduce stress that is stored in your body. Being drug free and entirely natural, it is suitable for young and old alike.



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