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Its a form of spiritual healing, reiki was first practiced in Tibet thousands of years ago. The term 'reiki' is Japanese for universal life force. Reiki is an alternative health treatment based on ancient Chinese medical beliefs that all of us contain 'chi' or energy which flows around our body.

When this life force is in balance and harmony, we feel strong and full of vitality. However disturbances, such as emotional or physical trauma, can cause our energy to become blocked or stagnated. This in turn impairs our bodies' ability to self heal and makes us more vulnerable to illness and suffering. With this form of treatment, healers concentrate on refocusing your life force so that it is able to flow freely once more.

The principal distinction from other forms of holistic healing is that a minimal amount of touch is used. Instead the healer holds their hands just above your body without actually making contact. Despite the lack of touch, a sense of heat and relaxation can immediatly be felt.

What are the benefits?
While the healer may be asked to concentrate on certain areas or specific problems, as a holistic treatment, this is very much about dealing with the mind, body and spirit as a whole. Sessions are relaxing and many report instant feelings of warmth and well being.

Although for some it is a deeply spiritual experience, healers maintain that you do not have to share their beliefs in order for the treatment to work. By helping to restore your body's natural balance and harmony, the immune system is boosted and you are better able to tackle physical and emotional problems.

Conditions such as asthma, chronic headaches, digestive difficulties, and PMT have been found to respond well to this form of treatment. Over time, sessions can help you to become more spiritually aware and to feel a greater sense of connection with your inner self.



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