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Colour Therapy

A form of alternative healing, colour therapy involves the use of colour to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health. Based on the idea that life energy flows around our being, colour therapy holds that as light is a form of energy, colour can be harnessed to heal our bodies and minds.

Like radio waves, light also has different frequencies and colour therapy tunes into the different waves of colour in order to restore harmony and balance. It matches the frequency of different colours with the frequency of a virus or bacteria in order to fight off infection.

What are the benefits?
Humans are very sensitive to light. Different colours have been proven to have a remarkable impact on our mood and sense of well being. Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression caused by lack of access to natural light.

Different colours are believed to have different properties. Pink for example is non-aggressive and relaxing. It can help to lower stress levels and feelings of anger. Orange is thought to ease depression and chronic fatigue. Too much red can lead to frustration and high blood pressure but it is good for raising energy levels and self confidence. Blue is calming and therefore good for treating inflammations and headaches while yellow can ease respiratory difficulties such as asthma.

As light is the source of all life and what makes colour, a greater understanding of how different colours impact on you can help you achieve harmony with your environment and an overall improved sense of well being.



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