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Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique is a means of re-educating your body and mind so that harmful habits of movement can be changed. The aim of the Alexander technique is to provide balance in your body so that stress and tension are released.

Many of us have developed bad posture, slouching or ways of moving that put undue stress on the body. With the Alexander technique, you will learn how to move again with grace and poise.

What are the benefits?
The basic principle is that your head should balance lightly at the top of your spine. The relationship between your head and your spine sets the pattern for the rest of your body movement. Chronic back pain is often caused by poor posture. Learning these methods of rebalancing your movement can also greatly help you improve your coordination and ease breathing difficulties.

It's very useful for rehabilitation after an injury, surgery or long illness. It can help to get rid of pain in the neck, shoulders, muscles or joints. For those with disabilities or chronic illnesses, such as MS, it can provide powerful coping mechanisms. It's an excellent way to relieve stress and tension.

By tackling the underlying causes, as opposed to just the symptoms, it offers a chance to relearn the freedom and ease of movement you naturally had as a child. It can help improve the way you walk, how you sit, and how you lift or carry things. It's particularly good preparation for pregnancy and child birth.

High blood pressure can also be lowered. By retraining your body to move in a more natural way, you can also help your mind to be more alert and ease chronic fatigue and exhaustion. These methods can have an extraordinary impact on your overall well being.



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