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Bach Flower Remedy

The fascinating Bach Flower Remedies are based on thirty eight different plants and flowers. Developed in the thirties by a Harley Street doctor, Bach flower remedies stem from the belief that mental and physical health are deeply interconnected.

Bach flower remedies seek to address emotional imbalances and negative feelings through the use of corresponding natural plants. Each plant is connected to a particular feeling or emotional state. The idea is that the essences of these plants can be used to promote self healing and that by addressing negative emotional responses, it is possible to improve your overall physical, mental and spiritual well being.

What are the benefits?
Practitioners hold that there are seven major emotional groups which can cause up to thirty eight negative states of mind. The healing plants that can help combat this negativity were first found and developed in the countryside of Oxfordshire. The original healing centre can still be found here.

For example if we take the emotion of loneliness, this can include the negative states of pride and selfishness. Water violet is helpful for those who are proud or aloof. Heather can help make you less self centred. Fear can also be broken down into different types of fear that can be eased by specific plants. Red chestnut is good for over anxiety for others while mimulus is good for fear of the unknown.

Cherry plum is believed to ease the fear of insanity while aspen is good for irrational fears or worries. If you feel you want to have more control over your life or to take a more active role in enjoying the present, you might consider using wild rose to tackle apathy or olive to boost energy levels. Each plant has different qualities but all aim to improve your emotional well being.



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