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A well known treatment Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine. This means that the body, mind and spirit are treated as a whole rather than just the specific site of the problem. Homeopathy draws from traditional Chinese medical beliefs which hold that good health is dependent on the flow of energy in your body being in balance and harmony. By taking extracts from plants, minerals and herbs, homeopathy uses the idea of treating like with like.

This means that in large quantities, these extracts would produce the same symptoms as your disease or condition. Yet when infinitely diluted, they have the ability to help your body combat specific illnesses. This is similar in principle to vaccinations where small quantities of a disease enable your body to build up its own natural defenses when attacked by the real thing.

What are the benefits?
These treatments are designed to boost your own immune system and promote self healing. As such they are completely natural, safe, non-addictive and without side effects. Different extracts can be used to treat different conditions.

Skin problems, such as eczema and acne, have been found to respond well. Similarly some asthmatics have discovered that their difficulties in breathing can be eased. Each treatment should be tailored to your own specific needs as individual. Wounds can be healed quicker as well as recovery from operations and injury. Psychosomatic conditions, such as insomnia and nervous disorders, can also be tackled.

Recurring illnesses, like coughs and colds, can be cleared up as well as avoiding future infections as your body's immune system is improved. These treatments are sometimes found to be effective against chronic conditions where conventional medicine has made little impact.



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