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Luxury Spa hotels

Sometimes a luxury Spa Hotel break is just what the doctor ordered. Whether it's for a weekend, a day or a holiday away, make sure you compare the luxury spa hotels first to find the one that's right for you.

So what makes a Spa Hotel different from a Health Farm or Health Spa? Is it the treatments, the ambience or just the price? And what are the benefits of going to a hotel as opposed to a beauty clinic? A Luxury Spa Hotel is more or less what its name suggests. It's a regular hotel which has treatments that guests have the option of taking advantage of for an additional fee. Perfect for people who crave an indulgent holiday without wanting the seclusion or serious focus of other dedicated treatment venues.

Because it's located in a public venue which is shared with guests who aren't making use of the treatment, guests can't just walk around in their gym clothes or robes as they can at a health farm. However, the benefits of this arrangement are that their are no restrictions on eating or drinking, and guests are allowed to come and go as they please, leaving the premises as often as they like.

At this kind of facility, you can go for a steam and a facial, or take a swim in the pool, and then go have a lavish dinner at the in house restaurant followed by a bottle of champagne at the bar. Or you can go out for the evening and catch dinner and a show, then come back to your accomodation for a dip in the sauna to round out the evening.

There's no age limit for the beauty treatments, as there sometimes is in stricter facilities, however the drawback is that there are usually fewer treatments to choose from because it's not a dedicated facility, however this may not be a problem if you are combining treatment with other holiday activities.

This facility is less strict than a dedicated facility, and is a great match for people, or even families, that are looking for a holiday getaway with a little extra.



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