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Health spa benefits

The benefits of health spas are many and incredibly varied. Back in Roman times, soldiers bathing in hot mineral springs in the Belgian town of Spa first discovered the benefits of health spas. They found that the waters greatly eased their pain and exhaustion after marching and fighting.

Health spas have been appreciated for centuries and Doctors would prescribe 'taking the waters' for a whole range of complaints from skin irritations to infertility. People with rheumatism or arthritis found considerable relief from drinking and/or bathing in mineral springs.

Nowadays those living with chronic pain or serious illness, such as cancer, bear testimony to how these therapies have eased their suffering. Athletes continue to use water treatment to help recover from injury.

While different forms of treatment are used for different ailments, all promote overall health and well being. There has been much debate as to how much of the impact is psychological and how much is physical. Yet it has now been proven that stress has a major effect on your physical health.

The benefits of relaxing in a healthy chilled out atmosphere are not to be underestimated. It greatly helps to promote your natural immune system and to replenish your body's energy so that future diseases and illnesses can be prevented. By improving circulation, it can lower your blood pressure while perspiration can help you detox and increase oxygen flow to the skin.

Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue and headaches so drinking water helps you feel better all round. Bathing helps lower stress levels and is incredibly good for both your body and mind.



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