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In short, health Spas are the kind of facilities that you usually hear about celebrities frequenting for a little rest and recouperation. But what exactly is a Health Spa? What treatments are on offer? And how affordable are they? Why not treat yourself to some first-class indulgence and find out!

Health Spas aren't that different from Health Farms, with the exception of the fact that they usually have a bar! A Health Spa are health oriented, like Health Farms, but they generally work with more of a double focus, where guests can come to better their fitness levels and lose weight, or they can come to relax and recouperate.

This choice of reasons to visit means that while there are healthy food and slimming choices on the menu, there's also a wealth of richer food and wine options for those looking to relax and indulge themselves - a bit of both really.

A Health Spa are located at a dedicated venue, meaning guests, who usually stay for more than one night, can walk around the premises in their gym clothes or robe without fear of disturbing anyone. There are a wealth of treatments available, but once again with the double focus. Those looking to get fit or lose weight can choose from an abundance of exercise classes, from high impact classes with personal trainers to slower classes that aim to increase flexibility and strength, like Pilates and Yoga.

For those looking to rid themselves of the stresses of the working world, there are just as many treatments aimed to reduce your stress level. Guests can enjoy anything from a dip in the whirlpool or session in the sauna, to a full facial or manicure.

Because it has a double focus, this type of facility benefits a large cross-section of people, and is very popular among those who are serious about their personal rejuvenation.



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