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On the face of it, using tanning lotion or other tanning products is really simple - that brown warm glow looks great, you want one, so you go lie out in the sun with the right products on.

However, once you dig a little deeper into skincare and the effects of UV rays, you'll find there's nothing simple about using tanning lotions or any other tanning products for that matter.

First up is the issue of whether or not you should even be tanning youself. While there are some health benefits to tanning - primarily the production of Vitamin D, which has been positively implicated in cancer prevention - there is also a mountain of evidence against tanning.

However, there are also the less tangible benefits of tanning. People who tan report that it makes them feel fit, their self-esteem is higher, and they are more confident about their looks with a tan.

If we assume that you know the risks, and will tan carefully, without burning, then there are several options to consider - first and foremost, how do you want to tan? The options are:

  • Sunbathing outside
  • Using a sun bed
  • Using an upright sun chamber
  • Applying a spray on tan

Each has their advantages. Tanning outdoors simply feels great - lying in the sun on a summer's day, a cold drink, a nearby pool - it's the ultimate in decadence. Using a sun bed has many advantages, as:

  • It offers privacy.
  • It's quicker than tanning outdoors.
  • An indoor tanning session makes people feel rested.
  • A tanning session allows people to take a break from their life.
  • In the winter the warmth of a session feels great.

Stand-up tanning booths offer all the advantages of a tanning bed, but take up less space and are more hygienic, and as such are becoming increasingly popular. Finally, spray-on tans, if applied properly, offer all the benefits of a tan, but without the health risks.



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