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Health Spa : glossary

If you're thinking about trying out some health spa breaks, you may have found that some of the terminology is a little confusing? So why not brief yourself on the local lingo.

The whole health spa breaks business probably looks like it has a language all of it's own, so, to help you out, we've compiled a glossary of terms to help you get to grips with the whole health spa break experience.

So what use is a glossary of terms? Well with all the unfamiliar names and treatments you might run into on any number of health spa breaks, with our glossary you should be able to work out what it is you're looking for.

A glossary of terms lets you in on all the secrets of the trade, so you can talk like a frequent spa goer, even if you're just starting out! Our glossary of terms covers some of the most frequently used words in the spa world, so you'll be able to jump right in and join the fun.

A technique of using pressure applied to certain body parts in order to increase energy flow. Originated in China.

Similar to acupressure, with the exception that the particular pressure points on the body are stimulated with the use of pin pricks or low-voltage electrical current. Also from China.

Alexander Technique:
A technique of re-training posture and alignment in order to improve mobility and health, and reduce stress.

A technique which uses water to recharge the body. Meant to increase circulation, reduce stress and pain, and to strengthen the immune system.

Body Wrap:
Treatment where an individual is wrapped in strips of hot, wet cloth that have been soaked in herbal teas.

Natural plant extracts used in hair and skin cosmetics.

A treatment which uses water to irrigate the colon. Meant to cleanse body of trapped toxins.

A method of getting rid of toxins in the body by reducing intake of negative foods and drinks.

Essential Oils:
Oil extracts from flowers or fruits whose scent is said to have soothing properties.

The massaging and deep-cleansing of the face.

Holistic Medicine:
An approach to healing that takes into account not only physical symptoms, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual state of the patient.

A process of bathing which includes periods of perspiration in a hot, steamy room, followed by cold showering, which is meant to reduce stress.



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