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Mineral springs spa

A mineral springs spa is one in which the source of water used for healing and well being is located on the site. With a mineral springs spa, you have direct access to either a thermal, natural mineral or sea water source.

Traditionally, a mineral springs spa brought to mind towns like Bath which became fashionable holiday resorts thanks to the famed properties of their natural springs.Indeed it is often the case that these kinds of natural sources have become so famous for their healing properties that whole towns have grown up around them.

Throughout Europe, there are numerous hot mineral springs that have enjoyed huge popularity for centuries. Steeped in history and myth, different sources have become known for having different healing qualities.

Nowadays there is often an overlap between hydrotherapy and medical based treatments as the two can be very complimentary. The curative powers of water have become more and more widely recognised. However it's not only the ill who can benefit. 'Taking the waters' is believed to boost your natural immune system and thus can help prevent future illness. It's also an excellent way to relax and improve your overall well being.

From thermal pools to drench showers, there are many different methods of utilising water to improve health. The advantage with this kind of site is that the source of water is right there so you have direct access to its healing qualities. Another advantage is that often the surrounding town has benefited from so many visiting over so many years and as a result has built up an array of complimentary cultural and leisure activities.



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