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Differences between Spas

There are of course enormous differences between health spas, spa breaks and weekend breaks - the types are not too different in many of the treatments they offer though.

The spectacular growth in the popularity of the health spa industry has meant a huge variety of services for the various types of health spas and weekend breaks available and therefore what the options are that have sprung up to meet the growing demands.

Differences between many facilities and locations cater for those looking for healthier and more relaxing holiday options. So whilst there are plenty of places that allow you to escape into peace and relaxation for a few hours, we have broken down the different types to help you understand what your money buys and what might be best for you.

Some spas tend to emphasis beauty treatments, such as facials or manicures, while others concentrate on the more spiritual, such as yoga or meditation. Those with mineral springs have a source of healing water located on site while others use hydrotherapy in a variety of different ways. While the traditional emphasis on the beneficial properties of mineral water has not been lost, there has been a huge expansion in terms of the range of other treatments used to improve physical and mental health.

You will also find that facilities may be geared towards enhancing health or treating those suffering from chronic pain, common ailments or even helping those with serious illnesses such as cancer. Others have more of a fitness angle and may include a gym and swimming pool. Often nutritional advice, as well as other information on how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life, is available.

Within all this variety, a basic philosophy is shared that given the fast pace of today's modern world, there is more need than ever before for spaces where people can take time to relax and concentrate on improving their well being.



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