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Most spas are built around the idea of hydrotherapy. In layman's terms, Hydrotherapy means the application of water for health purposes. But why should water be used for health purposes?

What role does hydrotherapy play in promoting wellbeing? What are the benefits of using water for health purposes? And how are the various hydrotherapy techniques used in a spa environment?

The idea of using water for health purposes has been around for millenia. Prehistoric man built shrines over hot springs that were purported to have healing properties. The ancient Romans built the idea of a daily spa right into their culture by building bath houses in most major Roman settlements throughout Europe. In modern spa circumstances, hydrotherapy is still recognized for the good it can do your body and mind.

Hydrotherapy in modern spas takes many forms. One form is exercise. Activities such as swimming and pool aerobics provide excellent cardiovascular workouts and strengthen muscles, but don't cause the strain on the joints often resulting from other types of strenuous exercise.

Hydrotherapy is equally helpful for relaxing and soothing. A jacuzzi or whirlpool promotes a feeling of wellbeing through the circulation of warm water and the gentle massaging action of the bubbles. This can relieve tension, muscle soreness and stiffness. A sauna or steam room helps to detox the body through promoting perspiration. The perspiration, which is caused by the use of steam and heat, causes the elimination of waste products from the body and the skin.

People have always recognized the importance of this vital element to our livelihood, health and wellbeing. Whether strengthening or soothing, cleansing or detoxing, hydrotherapy is one of the most elemental paths towards a healthy lifestyle.



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