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Using nutrition to change your moods

Do you believe that foods, nutrition and your diet can affect your moods? Believe it or not there is plenty of research out there that shows this is perfectly possible.

Undertaking a diet program and a change in nutrition intake can take an enormous amount of dicipline. The power of positive thinking can do wonders to usher you down the path to a new thinner you but how can mood change be effected by nutrition and your diet?

That means that a vital part of any diet plan is engineering a positive mood change. Unfortunately, many diets work against the idea of positive mood change, by leaving you undernourished and exhausted, exaserbating the negative state of mind. Fortunately, we're learning more and more about how eating the right foods can often bring about the positive mood change that may be the key to your diet success.

A major player in the quest for a positive mood change is protein. Protein helps to keep our blood sugars balanced, making sure we have a constant, regular supply of energy. Protein also creates amino acids which help release endorphins, or feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Fruits and Vegetables are also important because they contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals that help to keep our bodies nourished and operating at top efficiency. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale, and fruits like bananas and blueberries are especially helpful because they contain B vitamins like folic acid which combats depression, and B6 which helps release seratonin, another one of those feel-good chemicals.

Nuts are also great for your brain, as they're high in Omega 9 fats, which affects and can facilitate the flow of seratonin through the brain. Limit substances like caffine and sugar, which create a drastic fluctuations in your energy levels. Remember that while the "highs" make you feel good, the "lows" will take you lower than before. This yo-yoing can lead to poor sleeping habits and exhaustion, and often eventually to depression.

Give your body what it needs to keep upbeat through the course of your diet plan, and you will find that the plan, rather than seeming like a chore, will become a pleasant part of your daily routine.



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